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When it comes to liquor, there are two rules; you buy your vodka cheap and your tequila top shelf. There's a reason for that: pros struggle in blind taste tests to find the difference between 'fancy' vodkas and the rail stuff found at a cheap online vodka store, whereas tequila is very discernibly better tasting the better the quality is. So keep that cheap online vodka store tab open and ready to go! 

Fancy Vodka Is Purely Marketing

By its very legal definition, vodka must be true "nothingness", much like water. Odorless, tasteless, colorless, and completely indistinguishable from any other vodka. That's the legal standard. How is one nothingness better than another nothingness? The truth is, it's not. Not really, anyway. 

While there's minor evidence to suggest minute differences in composite results between vodka brands on a molecular level, and very slight differences in mouthfeel, it's pretty much humanly impossible to actually discern those differences. Just like the bourgeoisie, bottled waters aren't really better than plain tap water. A cheap online vodka store like Chip's Liquor has been a step ahead of these secrets this whole time.

All vodka is the same, despite it beginning with different sources (wheat, potatoes, corn, grains, etc), and ending differently (differing distillation practices amongst manufacturers), the results are all the same. All the raw materials are fermented into ethanol, and all ethanol is the same in the end. The products are just the conduits to make the gas. 

Then, even if more distillation did produce a better taste/product, ironically, many expensive distillers only do 1-2 rounds of distilling, while the cheap ones you find on your cheap online vodka store would do 3-5 rounds, plus filtration. The cheap ones would theoretically be purer and better, not the pricey stuff. 

When put to the test, labs and people were not able to detect the difference between vodka classes on many occasions. It's pretty likely it's all embellished marketing from makers who are struggling within a niche industry to stand out with a fundamentally non-competitive product, and so they must rely on branding to make a buck. 

Cheap online vodka store to the rescue! A cheap online vodka store like Chip's Liquor, has seen through the deception and they offer tons of authentic vodkas at reasonable pricing, no bells or whistles - just the exact product you need at the appropriate price.  

Why Do Folks Drink Vodka? 

Well, simply put, not everyone enjoys the taste of alcohol. Some people want to feel a little buzz without any haunting burps the next day. Benefits without the burn. Fair enough. 

It's also a smooth enough spirit, given that it's usually been well distilled and filtered. It's clear alcohol also, meaning it barely contains congeners, so the hangover isn't too bad, even from the ones you find at a cheap online vodka store. A neutral spirit, like vodka, is the perfect ingredient to hide beneath bold flavors like citrus and creams.

Classic Vodka Cocktails

Your cheap online vodka store may supply just the vodka, or a variety of fixings to mix with it too, like Chip's Liquor does. Vodka is a staple ingredient in these cocktails:

  • Martinis (like Appletinis, Espresso Martinis, Raspberry Martinis, etc)
  • Cosmopolitans 
  • Sex on the Beaches
  • White/Black Russians
  • Screwdrivers
  • Harvey Wallbangers
  • Caesars/Bloody Marys
  • Moscow Mules
  • Sea Breezes
  • Mud Slides
  • Hard Lemonades/Lemon Drops
  • Coolers, amongst many others (and modified classics originally made with other spirits). 

It's also paired with single ingredients like cranberry or soda quite often. Since it doesn't have its own flavor, it doesn't interact negatively with any flavor profiles, making the possibilities endless. It's a must-have for any bar or party since it's such a palatable crowd pleaser. Be sure to visit your cheap online vodka store to stock up

You can also get some pairings and supplies for cocktails!

Cheap Online Vodka Store Picks

For the main star of the show, vodka, Chip's cheap online vodka store had a variety of options at great price points. The cheap online vodka store acts as a platform for you to explore minor differences between vodka products in their bottling esthetic and their slight texture varietals, as well as the brands themselves. Support distilling companies you respect, while supporting your cheap online vodka store! Here are Chip's top 3 cheap online vodka store picks;

Tito's Vodka: This vodka is an industry favorite and will be easy to find at your cheap online vodka store. It's handmade with care and intention, resulting in a smooth spirit. It's produced in Austin Texas and is a batched vodka made with close monitoring and quality-checking at every step of the process. Despite the delicate details, it retails as one of the cheapest vodkas found at any cheap online vodka store. It's perfect for mixing and goes down easy. Tito's runs grants and incentives for small businesses and community products, making them a great company to invest (even a small amount) in! 

Kettle One Vodka: This brand claims to have a unique "flavor, fragrance, feel, and finish", despite industry standards stating otherwise, though it does seem to resonate with the public since it's a well-decorated vodka. They use modern and traditional techniques to make their product and taste test each release for quality. They've been going strong for 325 years so something must be working. People describe this vodka as low-burn with a silky mouthfeel and we do have to agree. 

Platinum 7x Vodka: Check your cheap online vodka store for this baby. It promises purity, with its 7x distillation process. Certainly, no contaminants can survive that journey. It's won a slew of awards and the company (umbrella brand "Sazerac") prides itself in the consistency of quality and crisp freshness of its very clean spirit. Sazerac also owns Buffalo Trace, Southern Comfort, and many other revered mega-brands of liquor, so they're certainly known for their quality work. Your cheap online vodka store is sure to be familiar with this treasure. 

To find these and many more vodkas under $15, visit Chip's Liquor; a cheap online vodka store specializing in premium quality at affordable prices! 

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