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"Chip’s Liquor is a leading store in offering a variety of high quality alcohols at a reasonable price. With fast-shipping, monthly discounts, and exceptional customer service, Chip’s Liquor is the perfect place to get those rare and unique beverages you’ve been searching for.

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Fast shipping Online Liquor Store

What's better than premium hooch on a dime? The convenience of online perusing, selection, and delivery and great deals! Look no further for your one-stop fast shipping online liquor store!  Chip's Liquor offers a plethora of fast shipping online liquor store treasures. Whether you're starting a home bar, having a party, enjoying the occasional cold one, supporting your business, or simply supporting our business we've got you covered in every department.

Pro tip: While not every product at Chip's Liquor is fast shipping, online liquor store settings allow you to easily filter options so you're only shown what's in your budget. Affordable and digestible content in more ways than one! 
Here's our hand-picked selection of budget-friendly items from our handy dandy fast shipping online liquor store!

The Staples
Odds are, you're looking for one (or many) items of seven things: vodka, rum, whiskey, gin, tequila, wine, or beer— or maybe all (we don't judge)! No matter which category you're looking for, our fast shipping online liquor store has the best value spirit or beverages on the market. We've found items that aren't just fast shipping, they're delicious too. 

Our fast shipping online liquor store has its fair share of fast shipping vodka since it's such a sought-after spirit. Vodka is appreciated for its neutrality and adaptability to many cocktails. New Amsterdam Vodka is as affordable and smooth as it gets and is well supplied in our fast shipping online liquor store. It's 5x distilled and 3x filtered, making it pure and light. It comes in a variety of well-made flavors and stands on its own two feet well. Definitely check it out. Another solid choice is Tito's Vodka

Rum is very different from vodka, in that it has such rich and complex flavors. From white to dark, our fast shipping online liquor store has winners all around. 

White rum has a light molasses-y taste and has wide versatility. You can find bargains like this Old Harbor White Rum. It's tropical, sweet, and well distilled for a clean gulp. It works great in a Mojito or Daiquiri. 

For more personality in your drinks, subbing white for spiced rum is the way to go. Chip's fast shipping online liquor store has flavourful gems like Bati Fijian Rum. It's got caramel accents and has been aged for added dimension. 

Dark rum is broody, heavy, and rich, fronting with molasses. It's used for Dark n Stormy cocktails where Goslings Dark Rum is called for specifically. This is also the fast shipping online liquor store option available and is a classic choice. Gotta stay true to tradition. 

Now, onto whiskey. Again, there are many types, from bourbon to rye to scotch, and beyond. At our fast shipping online liquor store, you'll find every type, but for simplicity's sake, we've selected good 'ol Evan Williams Bourbon. It's a fine sip, with a smooth finish. Can't go wrong. It holds up great in an Old Fashioned or a sour. 

Gin is in! Our staff at our fast shipping online liquor store do their due diligence to stock many dynamic gins at amazing price points. Allow us to present the one and only Snoop Dogg's delectable Indoggo Strawberry Gin. Anyone else craving some gin and juice? Such a pretty bottle too. Or check out The Finnish Long Drink pre-made gin cocktail cans! Convenient and fast shipping (and delicious)! 

Out of all the spirits that are fast shipping, online liquor store visitors should be prepared to spend the most on tequila. Thing is, you get what you pay for. It's worth a couple extra bucks to get the pure agave stuff like this Olmeca Reposado. It's affordable but still authentic and pure. It goes down smooth and has enough character to cut through sharp citrus and spice; great for Margaritas and Palomas, etc. Find other great tequila types at our fast shipping online liquor store like silvers and añejos.

Another household or restaurant staple is going to be wine. A fast shipping batch makes a great house red or white. Trying a fun and expanded version of wine, like mead, sherry, vermouth, or brandy makes things more interesting! Try this refreshing Pomegranate Mead by Chaucer's or this Wine Seltzer by Del Mar. Great on a summer day! 

A cold brewski is a go-to for so many and the epitome of an economical choice. 6 packs, like these Sippin Pretty Sours, can be found on our fast shipping online liquor store for as little as ten buckaroos. For something bolder, and for only a couple dollars more, this Mountain Standard IPA 6-pack hits the spot! Crisp and clean hops for days! 

Kits & Bundles
Not only does Chip's Liquor fast shipping online liquor store have all the essential spirits to lay the foundation for any cocktail, but they also provide convenient value packs for you! You can get all your supplies like garnishes, syrups, bitters, etc in one place while stocking up on pre-packaged cocktail bundles! These kits are meant to help you save in bulk while saving you the costly trip of multiple pit stops and delivery fees. Work smarter, not harder! Get everything you need for a Mai Tai, Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or plenty of other classics, all at once. Save over $15 on average for the lumped purchase.

This fast shipping online liquor store has your best interest in mind. They've got bulk deals and lower shipping fees on larger checkouts while blessing us with sales on products throughout the online store. 

Store picks are a huge asset to the shopping experience. Chip's fast shipping online liquor store includes testimonials for inexpensive products like the Doctor Bird Jamaican Rum that's also found in their Jungle Bird bundle, as well as a few other cocktail bundles.
The staff works hard to provide inventory that tastes great and isn't price gauged into absurdity. You'll find all the classics, as well as some hidden gems! All in all, there are so many valuable and dynamic items to choose from at Chip's fast shipping online liquor store that won't break the bank! They aim for low prices and high spirits. Check out more deals at Chip's Liquor! 

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