Most Unique Bourbons

Most Unique Bourbons

Most Unique Bourbons

Bourbons are an extremely popular and sophisticated drink. You can enjoy a nice, cold bourbon one evening at home or during a night out with friends. This versatile beverage is available in an abundance of flavors from sweet to bitter to sour. When it comes to this drink, not all bourbons taste the same. This is why we’ve hand-selected the most unique bourbons available for purchase.  

How to Properly Taste Test Bourbon 

Most Unique Bourbons Before we begin narrowing down some of the most unique bourbons, we need to first learn how to properly taste test a bourbon. We do this by keeping the following factors in mind before, during and after tasting this drink: 

  • How it looks- Is your bourbon looking a bit cloudy or is it clear and easy to see through? What color is your bourbon? The answers to these questions can help you determine the filtration methods, proof of the whiskey and how old it is. 
  • Smell and Aroma- When you take a whiff of your bourbon, this will factor into tasting the drink as well. Some people get too excited to taste the bourbon that they forget this important part and don’t take the overall aroma into consideration. Carefully part your lips, place your nose above the glass and take a deep breath. 

  • Taste- Carefully taste your bourbon and savor it. Some professionals even recommend chewing the bourbon to get more of a feel for the overall flavor and to spread it all around your mouth. This helps the flavors separate across your tongue. The middle part of your tongue tastes the saltiness the best, while the tip tastes sweetness. Finally, the back of your tongue can best taste the bitterness of each bourbon. 
  • Once you’ve swallowed the bourbon, determine whether or not it leaves a lasting flavor or lingering sensation. Think about all the bourbon flavors leftover in your mouth and what they taste like. 

    After successfully learning how to taste-test bourbon, you’re now ready to be introduced to the following most unique bourbons available.  

    W.L. Weller 12 Year Bourbon Whiskey 

    If wheat is a flavor you’ve enjoyed in your liquor or beer, this is a great wheat bourbon to try. It’s smoother and easier to drink than the other bourbons you’ll find, which is what makes it so unique. It’s also different than other bourbon whiskeys as it has been aged for twelve years, which is a lot longer than the length of average wheat bourbon whiskeys. 

    Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey 

    Most avid bourbon drinkers appreciate this whiskey because it’s stored in an American oak barrel. The long aging process of this bourbon gives it a nice, unique flavor of amber and sweet textures. This contains a lot more corn than the basic bourbon. The overall flavor of this bourbon is bright and well-defined. The aftertaste gives off hints of roasted corn flavorings. 

    Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

    If you’re looking to try a bourbon that tastes expensive but doesn’t cost an excessive amount, check this one out. It’s very full-bodied and well-mixed, giving the illusion that it will be a strong bourbon. When actually, this bourbon is surprisingly smooth and simple to enjoy either on the rocks or straight up. This one is an all-time favorite among many bourbon enthusiasts. 

    Booker’s Bourbon 

    This bourbon contains very traditional and mature flavors of a classic bourbon. Specifically, this bourbon has a lot of historical significance. Bookers have recently released their 30th-anniversary specialty bourbon whiskey that contains a powerful bourbon taste. The taste it delivers is smoky, raw and unlike any other. 

    Bulleit Barrel Strength Bourbon Whiskey

    This bourbon comes from a popular distillery in Kentucky and contains only the highest level of ingredients in its taste. It has a very strong strength which it has received several different awards for. The strong and straight taste provides a heightened experience when you're looking for a classic bourbon that still carries its own unique flavors and tones with it. 

    Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon

    If you’re searching for a bourbon that gives off more of a sweeter citrus taste, you’ll find that with Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon. You won’t want to ditch the aroma step of the tasting process with this bourbon. You’ll find many notes of butterscotch, caramel and vanilla in combination with different spices when you smell and taste this uniquely flavored drink. 

    George T. Stagg Antique Bourbon Whiskey

    If aged bourbon from barrels is a trend you’re starting to love, this one may be perfect for you. This bourbon is aged for approximately fifteen years inside of barrels made of charred oak. Since this bourbon is taken right out of the barrel, you’ll immediately taste an intensely powerful amount of flavors. Some people find it to be too strong alone, so they pair it with a couple of drops of water. This provides the perfect bourbon taste.

    Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 

    This Bourbon is aged and made from corn, barley and rye. It remains in oak barrels where it ages for centuries. It’s very complex, rich and contains many hints of flavors like fruit, vanilla, and toffee. It lingers and tastes flavorful in your mouth and on your palate. 

    Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon Whiskey 

    Old Forester is a brand know for its classic bourbons. This one contains a classic twist with the prohibition era. Even while the prohibition was taking place, Old Forester was given permission to continue the distillation of their bourbon. Because of this, you’ll taste an oaky barrelled flavor that proves to be smooth and contains both rich and sweet flavorings.  

    Eagle Rare 17 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey

    Once again, we’re sharing our older, well-aged bourbon favorites with you. This one is a little rare and very delicious. It’s available in fairly small quantities during the fall season. It’s aged well and extremely polished, which you’ll easily taste with every sip. 

    Tasting These Unique Bourbons

    As you taste-test each of these bourbons, be sure to keep various flavorings and aging in mind. You’ll notice different textures and history-rich tastes in each of these bourbons that will make you stop and appreciate the uniqueness of every single one of these bourbons. 

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