August 29, 2019

With Whiskey’s rise in popularity, Rum is definitely riding the wave and becoming more and more popular as well.  If you are into sweet rum drinks, there are plenty of rums for you. If you are into rums with no additives, there are rums brands for you too. There is a rum for everyone. 

Rums to Try Now

Mount Gay 

Mount Gay has been around for three hundred years.  The Barbados distillery isMount Gay Rum owned by Remy Cointreau, the maker of Remy Martin.  Mount Gay rum portfolio includes their Black Barrel line which is finished in heavily charred bourbon barrels.  Their XO line is aged for 8 to 15 years. The XO Peat Smoke is part of their Master Blender Collection. The collection is finished for six month is in Islay whisky casks.  Try one of these rum expressions today!


Plantationis owned by Alexandre Gabriel who takes cues from his native France for his rum brand which is bottled throughout the Carribbean.  Similar to Champagne production, sugar is sometimes added to Plantation rums and are very transparent about it. Plantation rum is aged in French cognac casks.


Diplomático is produced in Venezuela and is distilled using molasses and sugarcane honey.  The Reserva Exclusiva is a great addition to any bar and comes in many still types and aged for up to twelve years in oak casks.  Some sugar is added to the rum during aging and is permitted by Venezuelan law.

Havana Club

Havana Club is produced in Cuba and offers a variety of options to choose from.  The Havana Club's Añejo 7 Años is the go to rum for many rum lovers. The Añejo 7 Años has notes of dark, rich wood, honey, and tobacco.  Have it alone without ice for the full experience. It is also great paired with a Cuban cigar for the full Cuban Rum experience.


No Sugar Added Rum to Try Now

The Real McCoy

A rum for the naturalists.  The Real McCoy is all about keeping it real with no sugar or flavor added and is big on transparency which appeal to Rum drinkers.  There are four expressions which are aged for in bourbon barrels for three years, five years, twelve years, and a recently released fourteen year. 


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1912 reviews

Sangre De Vida Reposado Tequila

Cheaper and Easier

I ordered six bottles of premium bourbon from Chips and the process was cheaper and easier than going local like I usually do. I'll definitely order again!

Amaro Alta Verde
Samuel Carter
Very interesting Amaro/Bitter

Alta Verde is interesting. A light color/transparent liquor, it has a very strong pine/resin/gentian flavor with some bracing sweetness (but not enough to overpower the bitterness). So far, I have found it to be interesting for a number of applications. Would recommend for anyone building a large 'bitter' repository, or needing a light-colored amaro for cocktails.

Melisa Witz
Kula rum

Love it

Great Bachelorette Party gift!

Supposedly this is an aphrodisiac so I’m getting it for my BFF’s bachelorette party as an alternative to lingerie!