September 26, 2020

Trending Wines of 2020

With summer officially over and holiday season just around the corner, now is the time to begin prepping your wine list for special occasions and familial gatherings. 

Tending Wines of 2020From unusual packaging to organic wine, here are the most interesting trending wines of 2020 to help you make sophisticated and thoughtful choices for the wines you’ll serve this year.

  • Fizzy Pinks
  • While rose has been incredibly popular the past few years, 2020 begs for rose-hued bubbles. No matter the occasion, combining prosecco and rose to makesparkling rose is a fun and special way to celebrate. 

  • All Natural
  • The term “natural” isn’t a technical one and there is a lot of variation around its meaning, but in terms of wine, it basically stands for “not much added.”

    More and more wine-lovers and wine manufacturers are prioritizingorganic wine that is made with un-sprayed grapes, no added sulfites, low added sugar, and an almost uninterrupted fermentation process. 

  • Canned Wine
  • In line with natural wine,canned wines are among the top trending wines of 2020 to help make wine more eco-friendly. As part of the worldwide effort to protect the planet, some wine manufacturers are turning to the can as a way to make wine packaging more biodegradable and sustainable. As a bonus, cans are easy to use, convenient, and portable. 

    This option combines trends #1 and #3 on our list for a bubbly rose in a can!

  • Low Alcohol Wine
  • As more and more people around the globe become aware of their health and wellness goals, lowering alcohol intake is becoming a priority. Wine manufacturers are taking note by offering lower alcohol wines, with an ABV of less than 13 percent. 

  • Merlot
  • Merlot is making a comeback this year, as one of the top trending wines of 2020. While the States may have experienced a cheek-turning to this red varietal, Merlot never went out of style in France, where the entire right bank of famous wine country Bordeaux makes Merlot-based blends. Merlot is well balanced and pleasant to many palates, while often very affordable from many wonderful wineries for all occasions. 

    We encourage you to take a step out of your sommelier comfort zone and try a few of these top trending wines of 2020 for both something new and an oldie-but-goodie. 





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