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It's all rum and games until you finish your liquor stock before your big party or event. Good thing there's Chip's online rum store just around the corner…of the internet. 

Their selection of premium online rum store varieties is easy to navigate online and will be promptly shipped out to you, so you can spend your time on the more pressing details. 

From white, gold, dark, black, and everything in between Chip's Liquor online rum store has everything you need at affordable pricing. Let's get to know the rums a little better! 

What Is Rum Made From? 

Great question! The answer isn't super cut and dry, but it basically comes from sugarcane byproducts like juice, syrup, and/or molasses. Usually, it's with molasses and syrup, unless it's Rhum Agricole, which are both a little further into fermentation and processing than the pure sugarcane juice. 

Either way, one or more of these products is combined with water and yeasts to promote further fermentation, leading to alcohol build. Once it's well on its way to becoming boozy enough to catch the eyes of an online rum store, it's then distilled a few times to officially become a tasty rum. 

That rum comes into maturation over time, referred to as the aging process, usually in a tank or barrel. The container itself will affect the flavor profiles and colors that become infused (or not) into the final product that ends up on the shelves of an online rum store or your local shop. 

Different variations of rums will work better than others in certain drinks, so let's give you a crash course. You'll have everyone impressed with your skills and knowledge. 

Our favorites overall are the Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum and this White Agricole Clement Rhum. Both are extremely well decorated and are among multiple online rum store staff picks, including Chip's. 

Types of Rums

Rums at your go-to online rum store are going to vary in color and flavor pretty widely. Some are aged longer, processed differently, sourced differently, or infused with additional flavoring. 

White Rums

White rum is not only the lightest in color, but also in flavor. It's aged for over a year, but in a steel or copper tank that transfers very little color or residual flavors. It's then filtered to the standards of your laws and online rum stores. Then it's filtered some more until it runs clear. White rum is definitely the most versatile for a variety of tasty cocktails since it doesn't have an overpowering flavor. 

White rums are usually a tad sweet, with some light tropical notes, and only a light burn. They work best in Mojitos and Pina Coladas. Our online rum store pick for white rums is the Real McCoy 3-year rum. It's well-recognized as being a step above the rest. It boasts notes of spicey wood notes, as well as nutty coconut and tropical florals. So tasty! 

Gold Rums

Your favorite online rum store will have all kinds of golden brown rums too. Some of these will be extensively aged, others will have had caramel colorings or other ingredients added for color and taste. These rums are best sellers on online rum stores because of their sipping potential and enhanced flavor profiles. 

Gold rums have aged in oak casks/barrels for years, giving them some depth and hue. Among these is the popular Spiced Rums. Typically they've been infused with herbs, botanicals, and spices like cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, cloves, etc. Any good rum is going to be great in a Mai Tai, and any pure rums that have been properly aged, distilled, filtered, and developed in this category will shine as a slow sipper. 

Our online rum store pick for gold rums is this Flor De Cana 4-year golden masterpiece. It's aged to perfection and is great all by itself! 

The best spiced rum has to be the famous Bumbu Caribbean rum! It tastes like spiced banana bread and goes down so easily! 

Dark Rums

A bit rarer to find in the local liquor store, these rums will be in abundance in an online rum store like Chip's Liquor because of the international accessibility granted by the good old internet. Dark rums are less versatile for drinks, due to their bold flavor and higher proof, making them less popular but definitely not less delicious. In fact, these rums have rich, complex flavors that dance on your tongue and give the best heavy mouthfeel. 

They've undergone extra distillation, which concentrates their flavor and ABV. It also darkens its color. These rums will taste molasses-y and sweet, and they'll work perfectly in the classic Dark n Stormy (which calls for Goslings dark rum specifically) or for sipping. 

Our online rum store pick for dark rums is this 109 dark rum gem from Worthy Park. It's an online rum store pick from Chip's Liquor because it's a brilliant Jamaican blend of Worthy Park's aged and unaged highlights, with high proof and notes of natural aromas and flavors like cocoa and dried tropical fruits. 

Black Rums

Black rums are in a league of their own because of their super intense texture and tasting notes. They're rich in caramels and molasses, and even some smokey or burnt notes that pair incredibly with cola or very simple accents like lime. They're hyper distilled and flavor-forward, for an authentic rum experience.

Our online rum store pick for black rums is Hamilton's Jamaican Black Rum. It's ultra-rich and smooth! 

Navy Rums

There's not a huge variety of navy rums on an online rum store or elsewhere, because of its specific niche variety, but it is a fan favorite. This rum pays homage to the British Royal Navy's habit of giving this rum out to its sailors. It is a blend of aged rums from Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados, and Trinidad.

It mixed well with the lime juice the fleet drank on a daily basis to prevent scurvy and so became the most basic rum cocktail. It's delicious, strong, and traditional, pairing well with its simple counterparts lime and sugar, in the mix known as the Daiquiri. 

Our online rum store pick for navy rums is the Black Bart Navy Royal Fortune Reserva Rum. It's traditional and so delicious! It's blended and processed delicately, with attention to detail, so you're left with an excellent and authentic product. 

Find all these rums and more at Chip's Liquor online rum store!

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