History of Irish Coffee: A Warm Tale of a Cold Night

History of Irish Coffee: A Warm Tale of a Cold Night

Ah, Irish Coffee! That delightful concoction of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and a topping of cream. It's a drink that has warmed many souls on chilly evenings, but do you know how this heavenly blend came into existence? Buckle up, as we take you on a time-travel journey back to its roots.

A Drink is Born: Foynes and Flying Boats
The story of Irish Coffee takes us back to 1943, to the Foynes Port near Limerick in Ireland, a hub for transatlantic flying boats. These sea planes often had to turn back due to bad weather, leaving passengers cold and miserable. It was at the Foynes terminal restaurant that the head chef Joe Sheridan decided to do something about it. Joe added a splash of Irish whiskey to the passengers' coffee, instantly creating a cozy, heart-warming sensation.

The Name Game: An American Inquiry
When an American passenger first tasted the unique brew, he was amazed and asked if the coffee was Brazilian. Sheridan humorously responded that it was "Irish Coffee," coining the term that would become famous worldwide.

The Journey to America: The Buena Vista Connection
In 1952, journalist Stanton Delaplane sampled Irish Coffee at Shannon Airport, just across from Foynes, and was captivated. Determined to recreate it in the United States, he partnered with Jack Koeppler, the owner of the Buena Vista Café in San Francisco. After much trial and error and even consulting Sheridan, they eventually succeeded in replicating the luscious Irish drink.

The Cream Challenge: It’s All in the Technique
One of the trickiest parts was getting the cream to float. The secret, as they discovered, is to lightly whip the cream so it sits perfectly on top, letting you taste the coffee and whiskey separately yet together in the same sip. The technique is so crucial that today, the Buena Vista serves up to 2,000 Irish Coffees a day using the exact same method.

The Cultural Impact: More than Just a Drink
Irish Coffee isn't just a delicious beverage; it's a cultural phenomenon. It has inspired countless variations, appeared in movies, and even has its own glassware—a stemmed glass that highlights its beautiful layers.

From a small port in Ireland to bars and kitchens around the world, Irish Coffee is proof that some of the best things in life come from simple acts of kindness and ingenuity. The next time you sip this comforting beverage, you'll appreciate not just its flavors but also the rich history it carries with it. Here’s to Joe Sheridan, for creating a drink that truly puts the ‘spirit’ into the spirit world!

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