Nevada’s Award Winning Whiskey: Smoke Wagon

Nevada’s Award Winning Whiskey: Smoke Wagon

Las Vegas is known as the city that never sleeps amongst many other things and now thanks to the Neveda H&C Distilling Company, it is known for it’s award winning straight Bourbon Whiskey.  Jonathan and Aaron started the bar, The Griffin and years later decided to start making their own bourbons and vodkas. Smoke Wagon won every expression in the 2017 San Francisco World Spirit Competition.

Smoke Wagon Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Private Barrel

Each barrel has a unique taste and only the outstanding barrels make the cut for Smoke Wagon’s Private Barrel collection.  Each bourbon is bottled from one barrel to the next and once the barrels are gone, so will the distinct flavor provide that that particular batch have.  The bottles are so unique, they are labeled with the names of the retailer what selected that particular flavor profile making it extremely rare and limited.

Uncut Unfiltered

If you love bourbon in it’s truest form then you will love the Smoke Wagon Uncut Unfiltered straight bourbon whiskey.  It is wild and untamed. This bourbon has a higher proof but is still smooth and enjoyable. Older vintage barrels generally leave a thick carmel-like liquid which adds to the smoothness.  The spiciest young vintatges are used to ensure that the rye spice used in hte bourbon would shine through.

Small Batch

The Smoke Wagon Small Batch has the very high rye content and is aged in a century old brick building.  The small batch combines older vintage barrels with young vintage barrels to create a busrting rye spice flavor that is both thick and sweet.  It has aromas of balanced oak with hints of fruit and apricot. A well balanced feel with sweet notes that finishes smooth even at 100 proof.

Smoke Wagon Vodka

Silver Dollar Vodka

The Smoke Wagon Silver Dollar Vodka is make using a combination of all copper pot distilling with a silver filtration finish to give the perfectly balanced sweet notes and smooth feel with a clean finish.  This vodka is gluten free made of corn. This special vodka is produced using Smoke Wagon’s proprietary method which uses carbon filtration charcoal that is coated in silver to magnetically attract ash residue which prevents it from dissolving in the batch.

Award Winning Whiskey Delivered to You

Chip’s Liquor offers a variety of award winning whiskeys including Smoke Wagon Whiskeys.  Order Smoke Wagon from the convenience of your phone or home computer and get it delivered to you nationwide!  It doesn’t get more convenient than that!

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