Our List of Ultimate Top Store Picks

Our List of Ultimate Top Store Picks

Not to toot our own horn, but we're kind of connaisseurs of liqueurs. We've perused our vast inventory of quality spirits and ingredients, to highlight a few of our favorites, so without further ado — here are 'Chip's Picks'!

The Elixirs

A variety of premium concoctions can be found at Chip's Liquor, and these ones are dying for you to try them.


It might not be true moonshine, considering it's very much legal and not quite as strong, but Sugarlands Shine Tickle's Dynamite Cinnamon Moonshine is a homemade, unaged whiskey drink, just like old school 'shine. It's got a sweet cinnamon kick to it that'll elevate any seasonal cocktail. Pair it with ciders or citrus and enjoy that warm and fuzzy feeling. 


Oh honey, this honey-fruit wine (also known as a Melomel) is just decadent. Chaucer's Pomegranate Mead combines mead and pomegranate wine, creating the stroke of genius the palate never knew it needed. Its tart, floral sweetness is refreshing and crisp. This light and smooth unfortified melomel/mead drink is the perfect pairing with dessert on a warm day. 


Our rum pick is the Worthy Park 109 Dark Rum, because it is indeed worthy. It's a rich blend of 3-year aged light-ester Jamaican rum and unaged higher-ester Jamaican rum. It puts forth light notes of bourbon from its years of aging in an old bourbon cask while boasting an impressive 109-proof purity. It carries notes of caramel, smoke, banana, and toffee. Yummy rummy. 


Our pick, the Ha'penny Rhubarb Gin, encapsulates what it means to embrace heritage, nature, flavor, and historical adventure. Using local botanicals they craft a refreshingly fruity-floral libation named after a staple bridge in their hometown history. The bottles are made in small batches with tedious selections of the perfect rhubarb, geranium, lavender, berry, and dandelion. Can you say bramble?


The Wilderness Trail Bourbon Whiskey is a real star in the whiskey world. This 100-proof rye mash carries delectable notes of butterscotch, peach, oak, and brown sugar. Spices can be detected, only to be carried away with smooth smokiness and citrus. It's bold and commands the attention it so rightly deserves. 

Bottled in bond and made in small batches, you can rest assured it's been aged and marinated in premium barrels for 5-6 years and distilled to perfection. 

We urge you to try these assortments of celebrated spirits at your next gathering or just for a quiet night in. Quality ingredients and processes pay off, and these labels have gone above and beyond to deliver unique products full of personality and potential. Happy mixing! 

Find all of these highlights, and other store picks, at Chip's Liquor

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