Top Gifts For The Drink & Bar Connoisseur

Top Gifts For The Drink & Bar Connoisseur

Holidays and milestones are already a hectic time, even without the challenge of hard-to-buy-for loved ones, but luckily we've got you covered! 

Here are some unique and thoughtful gifts to get those that love a little intoxicology and mixology! 

1. Customized Cocktail Set

Why not match the drink to their character and then provide them with the whole bundle to make it? A gift that's double personalized like that is sure to warm their heart and their belly. 

Friends come in all shapes and sizes, but they can likely be sorted by our all-knowing boozy Sorting Hat;


These friends are loyal to the bone. They'll ditch the bar cutie and hop in a cab straight to you the second you tearfully beckon, ice cream in tow. They're always up for anything and they'll never stop surprising you. 

The Drink for them is:

The Manhattan.

It's strong and balanced just like them.


Your Slurrtherin buddy is up at 6 am, on their grind, regardless of how many drinks were downed the night before. They're innovative and action-oriented in a way that's admirable, though certainly intimidating at times. These perfectionists can't be tamed. 

The Drink for them is:

The Chartreuse Swizzle

It's dynamic and powerful just like them. 


We must protect our hufflebuzzed friends at all costs; they are wholesome and highly distractible. They treat their loved ones a million times better than themselves and always put others first. They ooze compassion and determination. 

The Drink for them is:

The Mai Tai.

It's playful and sweet just like them. 


This friend has lightning-quick wit, tons of acquaintances, and few close friends. This is because people are drawn to their intellect, wisdom, and creativity while they spend time critiquing if others are up to their standards. They're the friend with a slight superiority complex, but every right to it. Their love language is advice and they're the tough love you need. 

The Drink for them is: 

The Old Fashioned.

It's sophisticated and elegant just like them.

Your loved one will enjoy having the whole shebang ready to go.

2. A Really Cool Bottle

Sometimes the aesthetic of the bottle is as irresistible as the liquor itself. Get your loved one a specialty liquor bottle that'll make an impression, suit their personality, and look great on display. It could even become the start of a lifelong collection. Bottles, like friends, also come in all shapes and sizes  from the stylish to the bizarre. 

Here are some top picks:

  • This jaw-droppingly hardcore Deadhead Rum shrunken head bottle,

3. Cocktail Complements

Buy your friendly neighborhood drink lover some of the accents, garnishes, and bonus ingredients to their favorite cocktails, so they can make elevated versions on their own at home! Oftentimes these are the fine-detail items people with home bars either don't think of, or aren't likely to buy for themselves but largely appreciate as gifts. 

Try this trio:

The right side fixings and good-quality liquor can really upgrade an average cocktail. Check out these convenient bottle bundles and cocktail essentials from Chip's Liquor, so your recipient can make their personalized elixirs at home! 

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