What are Taylor Swift’s Favorite Drinks?

What are Taylor Swift’s Favorite Drinks?

Country music singer turned pop star, Taylor Swift, is known for her narrative songwriting which is often inspired by her own life, especially her heartaches.  If you’re an avid Taylor Swift fan, you know she mentions alcohol in a number of her songs, but guess which drinks are her favourite…

Champagne Problems

The deeply emotional 2020 song Champagne Problems debuted at number 12 in the Billboard Global 200 chart and Top 10 on Apple Music. It’s about a girl rejecting her lover’s marriage proposal and it references the vintage champagne Dom Perignon in the lyrics.  She’s seen holding a glass in the video and she even sent a couple a bottle as a wedding gift, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she drinks it all the time. 

Diet Coke and Vodka

In her 2016 Vogue Cover Story, Taylor says her favorite cocktail is Diet Coke and vodka.  Now she was a Diet Coke spokeswoman, so that part makes sense.  But typically, people pair their Diet Coke with rum or whiskey.  If you’re looking to go Taylor’s route, we suggest using a vanilla and caramel flavored vodka to make the drink a little more appetizing.  Or you can stick with the original flavored Tito’s and call it a day.

Candy Cocktails

Taylor admits that wine makes her feel classy, but she loves sweet drinks.  She’s quoted as saying, “If it doesn’t taste like candy or sparkles, I usually don’t drink it.”  That seems at odds with her strange Diet Coke and vodka mixture, but this one we can get behind.  Here are a few cocktail recipes for the sweets lovers out there:

Jolly Rancher Cocktail

What’s more candy-like than a jolly rancher-flavoured cocktail?  This drink gives a sweet, fruity taste that mimics our childhood favourite.  It’s easy to drink and certainly meets Taylor’s candy taste requirement.

Ingredients:1½ oz apple vodka

1 oz melon liqueur
4 oz cranberry juice
Optional: ginger ale or club soda for a little carbonation
Orange wedge


Pour all ingredients into an ice-filled glass
Add an orange wedge for garnish

Cardi Cocktail

This cocktail is inspired by Cardi B’s whipshots, a whipped cream that has 10% alcohol. The chocolaty-caramel cocktail will hit your taste buds just right.  If you like Twix or Snickers, this is for you.


1½ oz reposado tequila
½ oz Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur
1 oz cold hot chocolate
½ oz cinnamon syrup
½ oz spiced pear liqueur
½ oz agave
Caramel Whipshots


Combine liquid ingredients in shaker
Add ice, shake
Pour into a martini glass
Top with whipshots
Garnish with cinnamon, cayenne, and chocolate shavings if desired

Unicorn Cocktail

This fruity, colorful cocktail is multicolored and summery. You can make this in minutes and it looks super unique because the colors separate.  Definitely a show-off drink.


½ oz blue curacao 
½ oz rose gin
4 oz of lemonade
Edible glitter, if desired


Fill a glass with ice
Pour blue curacao over the ice
Add lemonade
Top with rose gin

Taylor Swift really loves her Diet Coke and vodka, but she’s also into something sweet.  If you’d like to give any of these drinks a try, or explore more options, check out our wide array of liquors at ChipsLiquor.com

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