Your Next Party Is Going To Be Intoxicatingly Fun

Your Next Party Is Going To Be Intoxicatingly Fun

Everyone wants to throw a shindig that's the talk of the town (in a good way)! Hosting can be intimidating, but we've got some tips that'll get you on the map and that'll help create a fun and inviting atmosphere. Here are 3 tips to make this a memorable night not just for guests, but for you too! 

1. Set the Mood

Once you have a vibe/theme in mind, bring it to life. Go classy for a wine & cheese night with moody lighting and smooth music. For a bachelorette, get some refreshing Spritzers and naughty games. For a rager, pack a cooler full of some Joe IPAs, put on strobes, and blast System of a Down. You get the idea.

Pro tip: Try to make a long playlist to match the vibe beforehand. Hit that shuffle button and trust in the tunes!   

Setting expectations before the party is important so guests can prepare a suitable mindset, attire, and drinks. Being mindful of the personalities you're putting together will also set the tone. Guests can decide if it's the right scene for them and give an RSVP so you can also know what to expect. 

Just remember, nothing kills a mood like running out of alcohol, so make sure you stock up with lots of extra to keep it flowing all night long. 

2. Elevate the Scene

Go big or go home right? Imagine all your guests walking in and instead of seeing solo cups and wine from the convenience store, they see a suave corner with a homemade cocktail bar, martini & rocks glasses, and all the elegant pro fixings. 

First things first, find a bit of bar decor that'll fit the party theme. Once you've established a tabletop nook, display some of the decor behind it and along the edges of the station, while keeping the center area unobstructed for the magic to happen. To one side place your tools (a long spoon, a small strainer, straws, a corkscrew, shakers, and a shot glass). On another surface nearby place a cooler full of ice with a metal scoop. 

Look up a few simple recipes and load up on the accouterments like these (cherries, olives, vermouth, bitters, etc). Pick up a couple 3-ingredient cocktail kits to set you up for success so you can keep 'em coming all night long while chit chatting with your guests. 

3. Have Snack Pairings

Forgetting food may not be as bad as forgetting liquor, but it's still a rookie mistake. Having snacks that also pair well with the drinks at the party is a master move. 

Here are some great app pairings for a few common cocktails;

Old Fashioned

Bacon-wrapped figs (so classy). 


Candied nuts and smoked cheeses

Mai Tai

Spicy coconut shrimp.

Having a cohesive party with all the elements in symbiosis, and a flair of elegance, is going to make a dazzling impression. Don't forget to have fun!

Speaking of fun  Face it, alcohol really helps create an entertaining atmosphere (in moderation). Be sure to have some accessible Chip's Liquor bottles on ice too, for everyone to enjoy while you stir up some cocktail magic.  

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