Clairin Le Rocher Pignon-Haiti Rum

Clairin Le Rocher  Pignon-Haiti Rum

Clairin Le Rocher Pignon-Haiti Rum

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Product Type: Rum

Size: 750mL

Proof: 46.5% Alc/Vol

Region: Haiti 

Description: Unleash the raw and untamed spirit of Haiti with Clairin Le Rocher Rum. Crafted in the remote village of Le Rocher, this extraordinary rum is a testament to the rich traditions and authentic craftsmanship of Haitian distillation.

From the very first whiff, you'll be captivated by the captivating aromas that emanate from this exceptional spirit. Earthy notes of sugar cane, tropical fruits, and a hint of exotic spices fill the air, transporting you to the lush and vibrant landscapes of Haiti.

Prepare your palate for an adventure as you take a sip of Clairin Le Rocher Rum. The distinct flavor profile offers a harmonious balance of bold and robust characteristics. Experience the natural sweetness of cane juice entwined with notes of ripe banana, tangy pineapple, and a subtle hint of black pepper. The unfiltered nature of this rum allows the true essence of Haiti's terroir to shine through, resulting in a truly authentic and immersive drinking experience.

Handcrafted with meticulous care, Clairin Le Rocher Rum showcases the traditional Haitian distillation methods passed down through generations. It embodies the soul and passion of the local distillers who work tirelessly to produce this unique and captivating spirit.

Indulge in the essence of Haiti with Clairin Le Rocher Rum. Whether sipped neat, enjoyed on the rocks, or used as the foundation for adventurous cocktails, this rum promises an unforgettable journey of flavor. It is a true testament to the untamed spirit of Haiti, beckoning you to embrace the rich heritage and vibrant character that defines this remarkable rum.

Customer Reviews

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my first clairin

I'm guessing that if you're considering a clairin you know something about them, they are one of the more "out there" options in the rum spectrum. Since this is my first one I don't have any others to compare it to, but its very smoky, like bacon fat. Also, strangely enough, I get a slight taste of bubble gum, which I also read on another review of this clairin, so I'm not imagining it. The bubble gum didn't show up until the bottle was open for a week or two, the initial flavors were dominated by the smoke and maybe something like worcestershire sauce. Definitely a unique flavor profile, so if you're adventurous and like smoky flavors in your liquor, this is it. BTW, its not the same type of smoke as an Islay whisky, which is more of a campfire smoke, this is more like bacon fat smoke, its sweeter than Islay smoke.

I live near Chip's, so I picked up the bottle in the store after ordering it online. The 4-star rating is on the clairin, not the service, which was great.

Iain Bryan
Haitian funk

Reminds me of a Jamaican with it's funkiness. Very flavorful.

Been to the factory

I visited Pignon Haiti, while there I toured the factory with the owner and took some pictures, I also did some tasting, this is an amazing rum, so smooth and refreshing! A very humble man that makes some killer rum! 5 stars all the way!

Kevin Kelly

Clairin Le Rocher Pignon-Haiti Rum

Terry Scott

This rum is so great it’s already on the top of my favorite rums list.

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