Norden Spirits American Oak Reserve Cask Matured Aquavit

Norden Spirits American Oak Reserve Cask Matured Aquavit

Norden Spirits American Oak Reserve Cask Matured Aquavit

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Product Type: Liqueur 

Size: 750mL

Proof: 53.5% Alc/Vol

Region: Michigan 

Description: Norden's exceptional Taffel Style Aquavit, known as the "table" style, embarks on a remarkable transformation through a meticulous aging process. Exclusively matured in once-used American rye barrels for a minimum of one year, this aged aquavit unveils its versatile character.

As the journey begins, the enchanting aroma of freshly cut mint leaf and the alluring essence of clover honey grace the senses. With each inhale, anticipation builds, foretelling the extraordinary flavors that await.

Upon the first sip, a symphony of caraway takes center stage, showcasing its bold presence on the palate. Yet, this commanding note is artfully balanced by delicate hints of citrus, lending a touch of brightness to the composition.

The distinctive oak barrels, with their rich history, impart a subtle sweetness that elegantly weaves through the aquavit's profile. This gentle embrace of oak delivers a velvety texture, elevating the tasting experience to new heights.

As the journey reaches its zenith, the lingering notes of honey and delicate florals gracefully accompany each subsequent sip. It is a testament to the evolution of Norden's original expression, showcasing the brand's commitment to crafting unparalleled aquavit.

To preserve the authenticity of this exceptional creation, Norden's Taffel Style Aquavit is bottled at cask strength, boasting an impressive ABV of 53.5%. Each batch may vary slightly, ensuring a unique and memorable experience with every encounter.

With unwavering dedication to the craft, Norden refrains from adding any artificial colorings, allowing the true essence of the aged aquavit to shine. Moreover, the non-chill filtration process maintains the integrity of the flavors, embracing the natural complexities that have developed over time.

Indulge in the magnificence of Norden's Taffel Style Aquavit—an embodiment of refined craftsmanship and meticulous aging. With its captivating blend of flavors and a cask strength that demands attention, this aged aquavit invites you to embark on a sensory journey like no other.

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